Meet our Executive Team

Mohamed Mukhtar Ibrahim, Executive Director

Mohamed Mukhtar Ibrahim is the former Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources of the Federal Republic of Somalia. Prior to his ministerial position, Mohamed served in various capacities with the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Ministry of National Security and Office of the President. He has contributed to the complexities of the initial stabilization of a war-torn society as well as its long-term development blue print. Before joining the public service, Mohamed was an accredited business adviser and worked on diverse programs with private and nonprofit institutions.

Mohamed Hussein Abdille, Ph.D., Head of Consultancy

Mohamed has a PhD in Preventative Medicine and MBA in Global Strategic Management from Staffordshire University, UK. He has more than 10 years’ experience of consultancy. He is a talented project manager and team leader with strong communication, presentation and negotiation skills.

Yusuf Sheikh Omar, Ph.D., Head of Research

Yusuf has a PhD from School of Social Science, La Trobe University, Australia. He is a well-established researcher who publishes widely in well-respected peer review international academic journals. Yusuf is a Research Associate at SOAS University of London.

Saeed Warsame, Head of Training

Saeed is a specialist in educational research and a strategic consultant in multifaceted program coordination in the areas of education, organisational training & development and project management. He has wealth of experience in project coordination, management and planning spanning over 20 years. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Global Business Management, Minor in International Human Resource Management and International Marketing, Master of Education in Education and Globalization and is currently pursuing a Doctor of Education in Education, Minor in Leadership and Education Planning. His career in management, training and consultancy includes a wide range of roles played in higher education institutions as well as in various organizations both in the public and private sectors in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Amina Abdirahman Osman, Director of Admin & Finance

Amina has a BSc. in Accounting and is working towards her ACCA. She has more than 7 years of overseeing the daily financial and administrative activity for various institutions. Amina worked as a financial manager where she established financial policies, procedures, controls and reporting systems.

Abdirahman Hussein Dhiblawe, Director of Marketing & IT

Abdirahman has a Masters in Telecommunication Engineering. His academic and work experiences have enabled him to gain the knowledge and skills required of a professional engineer to design and develop systems for applications. He uses his ICT skills to create a strong brand.

Judy Ngina, Program Coordinator

Judy has a wealth of knowledge accumulated from her eight years of experience in coordinating and managing various projects in the organizations she has worked with. She is good at identifying new opportunities, contract negotiation, program planning, and partnership initiation and management. Judy is a Masters Degree holder in Gender and Development Studies from Egerton University.