Policy Briefs

International Anti-Corruption Day is commemorated on 9th December every year around the world, and countries like Somalia wish to understand the global view of corruption and the effects it has had in different countries.......READ MORE

Patriarchal systems and cultural practices linked with supporting and perpetrating injustices against women dominate most African countries. The case of Somalia is no different, as patriarchy is intertwined with erroneous interpretations of religion.......READ MORE

Higher learning in Somalia has suffered a great deal, due to decades of civil war. Thus, at the present time there is a need to reconstruct higher learning institutions designed to meet well-defined objectives that are consistent with international standards, to produce qualified.......READ MORE

Youth unemployment is a widely acknowledged trigger for radicalization, as the hopelessness it engenders increases youths’ vulnerability to exploitation, ideological manipulation and extremism. In Somalia, employment opportunities in both urban and rural areas are scarce, and lack of employment........READ MORE

Over the last 30 years, Somalia has experienced political insecurity, a weak economy, and recurring natural disasters. During this period, remittances from its diaspora have helped local Somalis to survive. .......READ MORE