SIPAM conducts research to inform strategic interventions and evidence based practices for sustainable development. By providing business information, strategic market research and financial analytics — all backed up by a clear, brief, robust methodology and user-friendly reporting — we help you make more informed decisions.

We help build a picture of the structure, behavior, and trends within any part of Government, data gathering and reporting across political, management and structural aspects of Public Service to provide unique insights into the Political and Organisational landscapes. We expedite surveys and studies about organisational interests, attitudes, and practices including helping clients devise the objectives required information and questions that best suit the market through to the research and interpretation of results.

Our experienced team of researchers, existing database, and the network of contacts across Government and industries strategically places us to provide solutions on any bespoke data and information research project around the Somali Public Sector and the Region.

Core Research Areas

  • Public sector and Policy reforms
  • Governance and Leadership
  • All areas of business and management
  • Gender and development
  • Vulnerability and social protection