Meet our Executive Team

Mohamed Mukhtar Ibrahim, Executive Director

Mohamed Mukhtar Ibrahim is a development and business entrepreneurship specialist. He holds Master’s degree in Development Studies and with a wealth of experience in business advisory, public administration and governance. Mohamed is the former Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources of the Federal Government of Somalia. Prior to his ministerial position, Mohamed served in various capacities with the Ministry of Fisheries, Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Ministry of National Security and Office of the President. He has contributed to the complexities of the initial stabilization of a war-torn society as well as its long-term development blue print. Before joining the public service, Mohamed was an accredited business adviser and provided guidance and technical support to entrepreneurs to overcome the barriers to starting up and running established businesses..

Dr. Idil Osman, Ph.D., Head of Consultancy

Dr. Idil Osman is a PhD holder with a strong research and consultancy background and with a wealth of experience spanning over 16 years in local, national and international journalism, research and consultancy working for the BBC, The Guardian and the Voice of America. Dr. Idil has worked in different capacities in renowned higher learning institutions including SOAS University, University of Leicester and Cardiff University. Dr. Idil’s consultancy experience has seen her serve at different strategic capacities including: Consultant services to SOAS in developing effective communication strategies for the research project ‘Research and Evidence Facility for Migration from the Horn of Africa’; Consultant to the Swedish Ambassador to Somalia on cross-cutting issues and the contemporary dynamics in the Horn of Africa; Adviser to the UK National Commission for UNESCO; Research consultant for Sweden’s Linnaeus University; Consultant for UNDP and UNSOM; Adviser to Integrity Research and Consultancy firm; Adviser to Home Office‘s Research and Communications Unit; Adviser to OFCOM - UK's communications regulator - among others. Her research interests are on globalisation and international development, migration and diaspora cross-cutting issues, internet, digital media and global conflicts..

Yusuf Sheikh Omar, Ph.D., Head of Research

Yusuf has a PhD from School of Social Science, La Trobe University, Australia. He is a well-established researcher who publishes widely in well-respected peer review international academic journals. Yusuf is a Research Associate at SOAS University of London.

Abdirahman Hussein Dhiblawe, Director of Marketing & IT

Abdirahman has a Masters in Telecommunication Engineering. His academic and work experiences have enabled him to gain the knowledge and skills required of a professional engineer to design and develop systems for applications. He uses his ICT skills to create a strong brand.

Hashim Ismail Duale (MBE), Head of Business Development

Hashim is a seasoned business development professional with over 30 years' experience of working with the public and private sectors. The institutions he worked with include Ancona University of Italy and National Health Service (NHS) of United Kingdom. He also served as a Deputy Director General of Somali Chamber of Commerce and advisor to the Ministry of Commerce. He is well versed with identifying business needs and delivering support effectively and efficiently. Hashim was awarded with MBE for his outstanding service to the community by HRH Queen Elisabeth II.

Mr. Edwin Otieno Ondiege, Institutional Development Officer

Edwin possesses 7 years experience in Community and livelihood development work, project design and management, programmatic support, community training and fundraising. He has special interest in Community Engagement, experiential Learning and organizational sustainability, project design and development. His research interests and contributions are in the fields of organizational sustainability, community engagement and experiential learning..