SIPAM offers consultancy on five major areas including Governance and Institutional Development, Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, and Learning (MEAL), Economic Development and Business Development.

Governance and Institutional Development

Having good governance and competent institutions upon which to rely enables organizations to realize their goals and remain steady, even in turbulent times. SIPAM is committed to providing strategic support to our clients to enable them to adapt, perform, deliver and allocate resources efficiently.

Our core focus

An institutional capacity building, Civil service reform, HR development, Policy development and delivery, Developmental impact.

Risk Management

We undertake risk assessment exercises in vulnerable areas and make recommendations to enable government bodies, public and private institutions, and communities to anticipate, detect, mitigate and recover from disasters.

Our core focus

Risk identification and assessment, Risk monitoring and mapping, and Risk control and mitigation.

Economic Development

At SIPAM, we aim to integrate processes, people, and information across governance structures, and to replace under-productive systems with flexible, scalable, productive and cost-effective systems.

Our core focus

Strategy and policy development, education promotion, enabling business environments, rural development, financial services options.